You want to gain followers with SendUrTweet

One of the questions that many people ask when using SendUrTweet is how to gain followers with the tool, but we are going to give you some tips and what you should do in SendUrTweet for it, but first you must have this idea in mind:

What do you look for in an account that makes you follow it?

If you think about that, then imagine an account where you only read the same thing throughout the day, and where there is nothing of interest other than the repetitive hashtag #siguemeytesigo #instantfollow or like many others there, that makes the account very boring and a little pointless. For this we recommend you to give life to your account, have important information, fun things, so that your followers will arrive little by little without having to use the typical #Siguemeytesigo.

What you should do … it’s very easy:


  1. Go to so you can schedule your tweets, thereby keeping your account active which will give users the feeling of that your account is important


  2. You will enter the main pages of the system where you will see the new options appear in the menu.


  3. You will have to insert the hours you want to send the tweets, for that you should post over the menu Your Tweets & gt; Hours, where you will see the options that we present below, with which you can control the number of hours a day, if you want to send many tweets a day you must select more hours, if you want to send a few tweets you must add fewer hours. To finish you must click on the save button at the bottom of the screen


  4. After entering the hours, you must insert the tweets, this you will do by clicking on Your Tweets in the menu. Each of these tweets will be sent randomly every day, and at the times you specified in the previous step, that’s why it is important if we want to have our account well nourished, insert as many tweets as possible.


  5. Now we will see how to add a tweet to your list of tweets, first you must pose on Your Tweets and then click on Add Tweet and you will see the screen below:

    Here you can place your tweets, if you want to include an image or if this tweet you want to add it to a list, you can also put the tweet on pause or put it into execution. I recommend you if you have a blog, youtube channel, news portal or other, you can upload all the tweets to the system and this will be sending news and videos throughout the day. When placing the amount of tweets (Times to send) the tweet will be removed from the list when completing the amount, otherwise leaving 0 (zero) in the field will be sent forever.

    & nbsp;

    I hope this little guide will help you in order to gain followers, and get a better twitter account.